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Donors & Supporters

As DISA is an emerging Organization, the funding source has been has been mainly the individual benefactors and church organizations. We could get the financial support of PACS and Tara Akshar Programme, Sure Start Programme, Sustainable Agriculture programme, CHILDLINE programme, SHG programme, CBR Programme and Power Within Programme for Girls Education and Leadership Development with the support of DFID, PATH, Tata Trust, NABARD, Stichting Liliane Foundation and CARE India respectively. All these programmes show the credibility being established by DISA over a period of time. DISA got a new programme for the safe drinking water from AED, Lucknow through PANI, Faizabad. We look forward to the second phase of PACS Programme from DFID. Our association and networking with various Voluntary Organizations and Govt. Departments further increased our credibility and capacities to undertake various developmental programmes.