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For any country, the basic component that decides its growth, is its economy. In India’s case, that base is agriculture. Agriculture plays a very important role in all the major economical sectors of India and is one of the most crucial factor in the country’s development. Agriculture is considered the backbone of Indian economy. Despite the fact that in the last 6 decades of planned development era since India became a Republic, a tremendous success India has achieved in the field of industries, agriculture and allied activities of agriculture still continues to provide employment to around 65 per cent of the total workforce. Agriculture and allied activities make the single largest contribution to GDP (Gross Domestic Product), accounting for almost 27 per cent of the total.

We have a plan to meet these challenges through sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. The questions we face while trying to implement a sustainable agricultural practice are, how to meet these challenges while protecting nature, helping people in rural communities live better lives, and satisfying consumers who demand greater variety, quality and quantity of food?. A generally agreed fact is that one of the next decade’s biggest challenge will be producing enough food for a growing population. Yet we are clueless and is confused about the solutions. Many advanced technologies have been manifested with the aim to minimize the use of pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified seeds and to meet the future requirements. Promotion of best agricultural practices for better and more profitable land use, increasing the livelihood and income sources and protection of natural resources have been the focus of DISA.

Mithaval Block (Siddharthnagar) 15 15 417
Basti Sadar Block (Basti) 20 20 468
Harraiya Block (Basti) 16 16 211
Total: 51 51 1006

Kissan Club ‘inspired’ new Ways of Farming (Case Study)

Most of our farmers follow the traditional and conventional methods of farming. Most of the farmers are illiterate and not aware of new methods of farming. If they are properly guided they can produce more, earn more and the nation can prosper more.

Ram Piyare, a farmer of Damodarpur village of Bahadarpur block was benefitted from the awareness programme of Samriddhi Kissan club.

He converted his traditional farming to mixed farming. Mr. Ram Piyare has become an inspiration for everyone with the cultivation of ‘Shri Biddhi’ paddy. Besides paddy he started cultivating bananas and different varieties of vegetables in his land utilizing the land in a better way. He not only gets vegetables for the need of his family but also to sell and earn some money. He also inspires other farmers in the club to cultivate fruits and vegetables. He got a prize from the block Pramukh for being a good farmer. At present he has become an ideal example for all the farmers in his as well as nearby villages. Ram Piyare gives all the credit to DISA organisation.