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Networking / Collaborating Partners

Sahchar Samuh is the network of participating likeminded Voluntary Organizations originally started with the Organizations working in Deoria and Kushinagar Districts. Empowerment of women has been the common action programme of this network and hence:

The Vision of the Network has been a Society based on gender equity.
The Mission of this Network is empowerment of the poor and the marginalized women and men through awareness, organization and action for justice and equity.

DISA has become a member of the Sahchar Samuh - the Network of 12 Civil Society Organizations collaborating with each other to empower the poor especially the women, since October 2003.

DISA is a member of the SATHI Forum in Basti and has been benefited by the Capacity Enhancement Programme under SDTT. Also under this Network DISA is Partner to implement the Sure Start Programme in Bahadurpur and Harraiya Blocks in Basti District.

DISA is member of Enablers, a Network of CSOs under the leadership of Grameen Development Services, Lucknow to implement the Sustainable Agriculture Programme supported by SDTT.