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Financial Inclusion and Livelihood Program

  • Promotion and mentoring of total 215 Self Help Groups at Basti Sadar, Harraiya, Mithaval and Ikauna  andMausada Blocks
  • Facilitation of various Income Generating Activities
  • Annual auditing and Assessment of the Groups
  • Capacity Building of the Groups and leadership development through Trainings and Exposure visits
  • 02

    Gender Justice and Women Empowerment

  • Mentoring of Women Groups at village level and promotion of CBOs at Basti Sadar, Harraiya, Mithaval and IkaunaMausada Blocks
  • Collaboration with NAI DISHA MAHILA SAMITI
  • Organizing Common Celebrations & Events
  • Guidance for collective actions for rights and entitlements, getting Govt. schemes
  • Increasing participation in Panchayati Raj Processes for good governance
  • Facilitating and mentoring SALONI SANGAMS
  • Awareness to Service Users and Accessing Govt. Health Services, strengthening VHSCs and Mother Groups
  • 03

    Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Eco Based Disaster Risk Reduction.

  • Mentoring Farmers Clubs at Basti Sadar, Harraiya, Mithaval, Bahadurpur and IkaunaMausada Blocks
  • Promotion of Package of Practices for improving agriculture and enhancing income sources
  • Demonstrations and introduction of farming technologies
  • Promotion of organic farming and use of vermin compost
  • Capacity building of farmers through Exposure visits and trainings.
  • Interface meetings and collaboration with SHGs and CBOs for actions for rights and entitlements, getting Govt. schemes
  • Facilitating and mentoring Task Force
  • Promotion of Grain Banks in CBOs
  • Revival of common water bodies
  • 04

    Community Based Rehabilitation and Empowerment of PWDs

  • CBR of Children and People With Disabilities (PWDs) at Basti Sadar, Bahdurpur, Harraiya, Mithaval and Sahjanwa  Blocks
  • Formation and Facilitation of Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) for their rights, entitlements and social inclusion.
  • Home Based Intervention, education and lifting barriers.
  • Facilitating special education and medical interventions  of selected children
  • Promotion of Savings, Thrift and IGAs through Special SHGs
  • 05

    CHILDLINE City Coordination

  • Coordinating action interventions for street children
  • City Coordination with various departments, support organizations for children in distress
  • 06

    Skill Development for Youth

  • Facilitating technical skill trainings on Tailoring
  • Facilitation of Placements and Follow ups
  • 07

    Organization Matters and DISA Office Management

  • Coordination, Mobilization and Facilitation
  • Documentation and Communication
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Legal Compliance
  • Organization Meetings
  • Web Site Management